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Professional Summary

Ø  Senior Software Development Professional with more than 15 years experience in development of a variety of web, client/server, mobile and multi-tiered application.

Ø  Possess extensive experience in all phases of software design, development, administration and testing.

Ø  Very strong skills and experience using C#/C++/NET, Java, SQL Server, Oracle, Centura Team Developer, CodeWarrior.



To obtain a permanent or contract-to-hire opportunity within an organization that seeks an experienced person, where my knowledge and skills will be fully utilized toward continued growth and advancement. Consider local positions only, no contracts. No Web development, middle tier and scientific computations are preferred.



·         Software Languages: C/C++ (7 years), C# (7 years), Centura Team Developer (3 years), SQL/Oracle (8 years), InstallShield (2 years), Visual Basic (2 years), Java/JS (2 year).

·         GUI development: Visual Studio C#/C++ with MFC, ATL, .Net, Visual Basic, VBA, Borland C++ Builder, CodeWarrior C++ with POL, Java with Swing.

·         Databases and database access libraries: MS SQL, Oracle, SQLBase, ODBC, OLE DB, ADO, MS DBLib, ProC, DAO/RDO, xBase/CodeBase, Btrieve.

·         Programming technologies and protocols: Win32 API, NVidia Cuda API, Palm OS API, .NET Framework, OLE/COM/DCOM, YACC/Lex, TCP/IP, XML/SOAP, Ajax, IoC, RDP, SIMD, Multithreading, Web services, Parallel and distributed processing.

·         Other tools and libraries: InstallShield, ERWin, PVCS, SubVersion, Trac, VSS, STL, Tcl/Tk, POL Palm lib, Rational Purify, Compuware TestPartner, AWT, Swing,  WMI, AjaxPro, NUnit,  Infragistics/DevExpress/LeadTools .NET SDKs.

·         Operation systems and networks: MS Windows, Palm OS, Linux Red Hat, Novell NetWare, Virtual OS under VMWare and MS Virtual Server.

·         Hardware: Intel 32/64 bit, NVidia GPU, Palm PDA, AccuTime/Synel/Lenel card reading and biometric devices.



Professional Experience

Work Technology Corporation, 09/2002 – Present                                                                       Sommerville, MA

Senior Software Developer

·         Perform web-based time and attendance application suite develop that allows complex organizations to track and manage their employee’s time using ASP.NET/Ajax web framework and Windsor Castle loC-based server.

·         Provide on demand media service development, audio and video content by request, and implemented in .NET C# as web service.

·         Develop rich user interface and server side for isolated time collection devices (ATS and Lenel clocks, Synel Kiosks) using Infragistics NET library and SQL stored procedures.

·         Use time-keeping software development and support for Palm OS using CodeWarrior and POL, desktop interaction through the conduits.

·         Upgrade and support of an interaction gate system MSPLink between MS Project and MAXIMO (Asset Management Software) using Centura Team Developer.

·         Perform database and application performance analysis and optimization using custom-made profiting tool integrated with team developer and implemented in C++.NET.

·         Design and develop a system that provides remote access to application running on terminal server, to launch requested remote applications and present them locally in a form close to native local applications using seamless windows and RDP protocol.

·         Low level processing of module development for Image relevance project to perform mathematical computations on GPU with Cuda.

·         Develop and design rich interface plug-ins to support 3rd party system MARBLE in generation XML-based templates with business rules and logic for JDeveloper, Eclipse and NetBeans.

·         Evaluate workflow diagrams and initial mock-up, and make technology recommendations that support optimal design, maintenance and performance.

·         Effectively analyze software design, development, debugging, testing and release.

·         Maintain SQL server database and workstations.

·         Estimate the time needed to complete development phase of projects.

·         Keep abreast of the latest developments in Internet technologies at all times.


The Dalmatian Group, Inc., 08/2000 – 09/2002                                                                                                                            Reno, NV

Senior Software Consultant


·         Effectively developed an installation manager for E-StudioLive Company using MS VC++ and MFC library.

·         Set up creations using InstallShield, installations testing.

·         Used InstallShield scription language in the development of an external script library.

·         Maintained and upgraded MSPLink gate system for Work Technology Corp.

·         Analyzed customers’ business and technical requirements and adapt existing agenda to findings.

·         Developed client workflows based on their business needs.

·         Configured and automated products to best meet clients’ workflow and procedures.

·         Maintained drive solution adoption and business value realization through the analysis and transformation of clients' existing data centre operational models - driving customers to manage their IT as a business.

·         Business case development, business value consulting, and value realization-based project progress reporting.

·         Presented at technical and managerial level (e.g. solution overview, progress updates, business case realization, solution adoption plans, etc.).



R-Style Software Lab, 06/1997 – 07/2000                                                                                                                     Moscow, Russia

Lead Software Developer/Analyst


·         Provided N-tier servers architecture implementation for banking software based on RPC protocol.

·         Developed a corporate security system for console 32-bit application implemented as Windows NT service.

·         Developed a client-bank account service system, remote gates between data sources (REUTERS) and corporate databases (SQL, Btieve), class library (COM-like universal data provider) design and implementation.

·         Provided technical specifications and recommendations for system architecture and integration for a shared data environment. Designed, tested and implemented software applications and system interfaces.

·         Documented and analyzed software engineering life cycle processes, to include development, implementation, testing and defect mitigation.


Lia Oil S.A., 11/1995 – 06/1997                                                                                                                                        Moscow, Russia

Software Developer


·         Developed a system for automatic information processing from global network (Sprint, Internet).

·         Information analysis of oil prices and rates.

·         Audited and logged user telephone activities.

·         Processes all applications developed using Borland C++, Visual Basic.




Moscow Technological University, 1993 – 1994                                                                                                          Moscow, Russia

·         Post Graduate Part-Time Student


Moscow Technological University, 1987 – 1993                                                                                                          Moscow, Russia

·         Received BS of Computer Science Degree Majoring in Applied Mathematics




·         References Available Upon Request